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Real testimonials from real customers!

I started working with Bryn in July 2022 for “prehab” ,as he calls it, whilst waiting for a date for my knee replacement surgery. As Bryn puts it, “When you came in, you walked like an old lady.”( I was 61). By the time I had my surgery in June 2023 the muscles in my legs were working so well that the physio was very impressed by my knee bend just 2 days later. I then returned to working with Bryn 2 weeks later ( now for rehab) and by the end of August, just 10 weeks after the operation, I was able to get on the floor to exercise and get up again. (Apparently I was no longer walking like an old lady🤣🤣). Without Bryn, I would not be walking an average of 4 miles daily on any type of surface. Whatever your health issues, Bryn can help you! Thank you so much Bryn and Jacqui!

I am in my 50s and had been carrying a hernia injury for 2 years, In December 2019 I had an operation to repair this. Following 2 years of carrying the injury and then 6 weeks relative inactivity after the operation I was not anywhere near ‘match fit! ‘

I run my own gardening and sports grounds maintenance business and I’m an enthusiastic cricketer as well as enjoying many other outdoor activities.

I was intent on being able to pursue the above with renewed vigour and just to increase motivation have planned to do a triathlon at some point later in 2020. I was going to the gym and pool 3,4 and sometimes 5 times a week and doing my best as many of us try to do. The question is, ‘Was I doing the right things??’

Improvement was slow and everything still hurt and added to that I was still limping and not moving freely!

Enter Growfit!

I came across Bryn at the ESN health club and from that day on to say we have travelled on a steep upward curve is to be modest – Bryn carried out a full mechanical assessment of my dysfunctional framework and limb by limb and joint by joint we are now moving forward smoothly!

I am currently in week 6 and on my third workout plan. Every time I come in smiling and explaining how many work outs and how well I am mastering the moves he produces a new plan!

If you’re looking for improved or renewed fitness I would thoroughly recommend working with Bryn. With improved fitness and increased energy levels things can be even better than before! Mine has been a complex rehabilitation plan which he has managed with detailed precision.

My aim was to be fitter than I was before and with Bryn’s motivation, scientific knowledge, guidance and my determination I am convinced that we are well on our way to producing an improved and superior me.

I’ve been a keen cyclist for quite a few years now and have ridden competitively so term myself pretty fit, having joined the gym I decided to try my first session of “Fighting fit” with Bryn, boy was it a wakeup call!

Since then I’m pleased I persevered as it was very hard at first, it still is however with Bryn’s help and encouragement I have come a long way. I’m now in much better shape with all round fitness gains, the weight has dropped off too, I’m more toned, I’ve got a stronger core all which is a bonus for cycling, and I’ve learnt new skills.

Bryn always make training fun and diverse, the exercises are never all the same each week and he is always on hand to advise you correctly on the exercises or advise you of an alternative exercise if you have an injury or one has occurred.

Bryn knows his stuff and I’d recommend his help if you’re looking to find your full potential.

I belong to my local health club when a new class called “Fighting Fit” was introduced so I decided to give it a go. It is a mixture of all kinds of weighted and cardio exercises based around numerous martial arts and boxing routines. What can, I say I was immediately hooked!

The session is run by Bryn who makes sure everyone in the group is fully aware of what is required from a fun warm up, to a run through of the main session and a detailed warm down with stretching. Bryn is also happy to give advice before, during and after.

All of the sessions I have attended are a warm and friendly affair with no egos present.

I can highly recommend Bryn’s classes. I also attend the Bootcamp class which is a more intense class but still highly enjoyable!

Dave (age 49 and a half)

Working with Bryn has made a massive, positive difference to my physical and mental wellbeing. He’s a fantastic PT – friendly, encouraging and challenging in all the right ways! Would 100% recommend.

Michael R

Bryn is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer who has identified issues that no other trainer has ever picked up on before. His amazing encouragement and motivation has made me achieve more than I ever though possible. Finally years of past injuries and damage are being addressed and repaired. My body is finally starting to realign and work with itself rather than against it. I could not recommend him highly enough. The best money I have ever spent on myself..

Anna S

I have been personal training and doing Pilates with Bryn for 15 months( on and off due to Lockdowns!). His knowledge of the human anatomy and form is unsurpassed as is his patience and enthusiasm. I started training with Bryn in the hope that he could alleviate my back pain and following recuperating from a broken arm. My continued pain was affecting my ability to work. My pain is now minimal and I am able to lift with ease and once again enjoy walking and horse riding. His new, bespoke gym with its state of the art equipment means working out with Bryn is safe and private.

Vanessa L

Amazing fitness lessons, fun & helpful instructor. Was so useful to me joining the Army. Didn’t realise how unprepared I was going into my basic until I attended the sessions, helped me massively with getting through my phys.

Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Luke R

Great gym in an ideal location. Classes are super for all goals and got all equipment to meet them, accompanied by a friendly environment and a trainer who not only knows his stuff but really cares about you individually as well which I think is super important!

Kieran G

Great family run business with fun group classes and expert personal training.

Paul B

Bryn (Gro-fit) has helped me with my recovery for a while now – initially after a total hip replacement (arthritis) but then more recently after a taekwondo accident when I slipped 2 discs. After my hip operation, I didn’t think I would ever be able to regain my fitness and my active lifestyle. There was very little physiotherapy available on the NHS and I felt like such an invalid. Never before had I felt so vulnerable and so useless! However Bryn very quickly got my confidence back up so that I was hitting the gym regularly again, and using a combination of carefully thought-out exercises and stretches (they don’t call him the ‘science guy’ for nothing). Before my taekwondo accident, I had been able to do all the classes I wanted to at the gym, as well as being a member of my local cycle group and then later hiking the Inca Trail. Last year, when I injured my back, I thought I was back to square one. Yet again, I was on heavy pain medication just to try and get some sleep, but yet again (this time with the support of regular physio sessions which worked in conjunction with Bryn’s exercises) Bryn got me exercising again. I am now thrilled to be back to normal – smashing out classes, walking, cycling (but no more taekwondo – it just wasn’t worth the risk!). I still have to manage my back and hip, in that I continue having sessions and getting regular advice from Bryn. His pilates has been particularly helpful, both 1:1 and in the class, as it re-sets my posture and reminds me that I need to keep my body in balance for it to work well.

When you are fit and well, it’s so easy to take your body for granted – you only appreciate what an amazing machine it really is, after you’ve been through this sort of recovery – and for that I would whole-heartedly recommend Gro-fit – he really has changed my life!

I first attended Bryn’s Pilates class, several weeks ago. I have suffered with a bad back for a very long time, (all the usual problems of bulging discs etc) plus a broken Humerus and had tried different classes, therapies and cortisone injections but to no avail.

The class helped and I then embarked on a 12-week personal training regime with Bryn. We are now halfway through that period.

When we first discussed a plan, Bryn asked what my hopes and expectations were…any improvement would be great! He suggested we aim for 80% improvement. Halfway through, i.e. 6 weeks and my pain has reduced by 60%!

I have never worked out in a gym and to begin with felt daunted and could easily have given up. Bryn not only knows the skeletal system, muscles etc but is also very encouraging. It’s hard work and you need to be determined and disciplined with yourself, but the results are more than worth the effort.

I would highly recommend Bryn to anyone who suffers from debilitating pain or simply wishes to get fit. 

I first came to Bryn for personal training (after attending his Pilates classes) around a year ago. I was unable to lift anything and was in constant pain from degenerated discs and sacroiliac problems. I have been having personal training since, except of course during lockdowns!

He recently opened a bespoke , personal studio in Ringmer; a space where one can feel totally safe during these Covid times. You work out, alone, under the close supervision of Bryn on brand new, state of the art equipment.

I can now lift up to 20 kg (I need to be able to carry sacks for my work, so this is amazing) and although I do get niggling aches from constantly challenging unused muscles, I am virtually pain free! 

Bryn is enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and coming from a scientific background, really knows anatomy. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and his Gro-Fit gym!

Bryn and Jacqui are so friendly and encouraging. The classes are really positive and don’t focus on losing weight or body image, instead encouraging you to try your best and enjoy the experience. Perfect for us as I find instructors that focus on a “perfect body” quite off-putting – I am exercising to improve my fitness and have fun, I don’t want the focus to be on how I do (or don’t) look.

Lauren P

When I started seeing Bryn around 5 months ago I was a little sceptical. I have used other PT’s in the past and I wanted to be consistently pushed and challenged. I was worried this would be another session where the trainer gave you what they wanted, rather than what I asked for.
However, Bryn has consistently delivered, understanding what I want, pushing and driving the exercises forward and building on the weights and the technique.
We work hard twice a week. I laugh, I tantrum, we mock each other and we smash goals.
I’m leaner, stronger, faster and driven. I could not recommend this man more highly, worth every penny.

Emily T

I’ve been doing a bootcamp a few times a week in the USA for last 18 months, and was looking for similar on my return to the UK. Very lucky to have found just the thing, and on my doorstep too in Ringmer! I’ve signed up for 3 days a week and highly recommend it to everyone! Intensity is down to you, and instructor is very good. You can’t beat a group atmosphere, and the group I’m with are great.

John H

I go to the outdoor fitness classes in Ringmer and they are great.
Bryn gives lots of alternative exercises to meet the needs of all abilities and encourages you to up your game. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
It’s also worth coming just for the music! 🎶
Can’t wait for the next session.

Amy P

Very professional and great with my hip and back problems. The studio is imaculate which is also reassuring with covid. It’s great to have a space to exercise with a professional on hand but without lots of other gym users.

Jacqui G

Gro-fit gym is run by a very caring, friendly and highly qualified professional. Every attention has been given to maximising use of space and the equipment used is of high quality. Either a group class or a 1:1 session, you won’t be disappointed!

Frances T

Bespoke exercises were created for a disabled wife. Very professional and excellent facilities. Well recommended.

Matthew B

Always professional, helpful and competent. A local asset. Friendly and always interested in the individual.
Raymond E


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